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Accelerate Your Technical Support with IT Support Helpdesk System

It’s Time to have an IT Support Management System – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About it 

Are you running your own business? Do you think your team is empowered enough to deliver expected results? Do you think your business will grow twice its current size in the coming years? If your answer is yes, then it’s about time, you re-evaluate your business trajectory and think again about where you are standing and where you want to see your business in the coming years.  

Running your own business is all about progress and business growth. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, if you are not planning to eventually grow your business, then you are going to lose in the market because the competition out there is fierce and your competitor is using the right tools to get all the business.   

There is no shortcut to running a successful IT business except for empowering your IT support staff to equip with the right tools. So, if your ultimate goal is to watch your business grow, then getting an IT support management system or otherwise called ticket management system is what your business needs.  

In this article, we have narrowed down everything you need to know about the AirViewX ticket management system and how it’ll help your business to grow.  

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in and find out all about it: 

Why Do You Need a Ticket Management System? 

A good helpdesk ticketing system will help improve the quality and efficiency of your IT helpdesk ticketing support. AirViewX helpdesk system has powerful features that will help you optimize your IT service delivery using following features :-   

  • Create tickets based on known or documented issues enabling faster ticket creation and efficient resolution 
  • Organize your IT issues, and be able to efficiently create tickets around those issues   
  • Manage ticket assignment and tracking with ease  
  • Let end-users communicate with the IT team using the tracking feature to resolve their issues  
  • Create and use IT Support checklists for managing complicated tasks and for documenting issue resolution steps  
  • Create workflows for resolving tickets and associate these tickets   
  • Stay on top with interactive dashboards to track ticket status, agent status, and performance  
  • Use powerful notifications to track tickets created and updated by end-users and agents  

What is Ticket Management?

Ticket Management System is a customer service tool that helps companies to manage their service and support cases. The system allows agents or end users to create a “ticket” that documents customer requests and interactions over time, making it easier for a customer service representative to resolve complicated issues. Service cases are managed through service tickets and support cases are managed through Issues tickets.  

With high ticket volume, geographically spread assets and user base, it can be difficult to track tickets. Ticket management when combined with notifications and checklists, makes it possible to control how work is performed and stay on top of updates being done to tickets that might be of high importance.  

The most obvious benefit that a ticketing system offers is its ability to organize and catalogue a high volume of support cases for an entire customer service department. Agents can easily manage multiple cases at once because each ticket is labelled and can be prioritized by its urgency.  

What Makes AirViewX the Best Fit for Your Business?

Following are some of the features that makes AirViewX a great fit for your business:

Powerful IT Issue Management 

AirViewX has a powerful issue management, that facilitates ticket creation, assignment and management by providing users with common issues that are organized in relevant categories.

Ticket Templates 

AirViewX ticket templates are reusable tickets layouts created for a specific kind of issue/service ticket request to help end user quickly create desired types of ticket with relevant information. The template consists of a predefined set of fields and or data that lets you quickly create your new ticket with a few clicks in order to save time and effort. We can associate the ticket template with issues at the time of creation.  


A checklist is an essential job management tool that helps managers automatically get reports of work using a to-do list. The checklist is attached to the task and a questionnaire is designed based on the work and logic is established which generate a report based on the answers. 


Workflow is a sequence of activities or tasks systematically organized to make work optimized and more manageable in a simpler way. AirViewX allows you to create workflows so that you or your IT support staff can stay organized and the flow is managed.

Notification Management 

AirViewX Notification Management system gives you pre-configured notifications as well as the power to create custom-defined notifications for any AirViewX module/feature that you need to meet your business requirements.  

Document Management 

Document Management is a powerful collaboration tool that provides facility to our customers to manage documents from one place. It becomes a central repository for all the organizational documentation to provide easy access to information files. DMS or document management system handles files such as pdf, word docs or spreadsheets, or they might be paper documents, such as receipts, that are scanned into a computer. Users can upload all types of audios, videos, and document files.

Ticket Communication and Tracking 

AirViewX Note management enables users to communicate around tickets, tasks and actions. Users can also include issues and files. Tag other users and mark notes as critical. User can also acknowledge and reply notes.  

Powerful Support Ticket Analytics 

AirViewX analytics has powerful dashboards that cover all aspects of support ticket analysis and provides up to date and comprehensive analysis for management which covers ticket status analysis, agent performance analysis, in-depth analysis of ticket delays, and issue analysis.