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Business Process Automation

Process Modeling and Workflow Automation in Your Hands.

Achieve Business Sophistication Through Process Automation

Business Process Automation in AirViewX ensures that business processes involved in managing clients, vendors, employees, and assets are never hard coded but instead are defined, managed, and tracked through a powerful BPA system. BPA in AirViewX can enable workflow automation of any set of tasks across the platform along with system swappable business rules (BR) enabling a complete dynamic low-code customization.

Template-able Unified Solution to Fit Your Needs

AirViewX uses the power of BPMN 2.0, RPA, and AI which puts Process Modeling and Workflow Automation in your hands. Drag-and-Drop custom icons for process modeling ensure that you can customize your business processes regardless of your business niche. Business process automation or BPA is key to increasing productivity, and efficiency and reducing costs while also improving customer and employee satisfaction. Many processes would take a lot of time, and effort, and deal with tons of unknowns across the system for everyone involved. Our BPA module will automate these hectic processes through BPMN 2.0-powered workflows.

Xcelerate Your Digital Transformation Efforts Journey With Our Low-Code Solution

Our unified platform is purpose-built for businesses of all kinds alike. To ensure a smooth transformational journey, AirViewX offers a 100% web-based solution that doesn’t require you to have specialized knowledge. Enjoy our template-driven custom workflows built on best practices, execute in real-time and Increase productivity by removing inefficiencies, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction rate.

With AirViewX by Your Side Make Your Business Future Proof Now

AirViewX Puts Process Modeling and Workflow Automation in your hands. With our powerful low-code platform, Analyze, Automate, Manage and Monitor your operational processes considering your indigenous process flows.

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