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Field Force Automation

Put your field force on auto & deliver
with confidence!

360° Field Force Management on Your Finger Tips

AirViewX offers a Low-Code unified solution that streamlines, automates, and transforms all business operations on a single platform. Its BPMN 2.0-powered system and business process modeler simplify workflows, enabling users to design and save multiple workflows with ease. With drag-and-drop functionality and a built-in data warehouse, AirViewX is a user-friendly powerful tool for managing geographically dispersed teams with ease

Invest in Next-Generation Field Automation to Improve Business

Bridges the gap between field and office, by boosting service quality. To keep the business’s service quality at a high level, its intelligent solution uses SLAs to uphold the company’s service caliber
Intelligent Solution Bridging Gap Between Field and Office

Automate Your Field Force with AirViewX

Revolutionize your field force operations with our state-of-the-art automation solution, designed to optimize your team’s productivity and drive sales growth. With instant productivity improvements your business will soar to new heights. Don’t let the competition catch up – harness the power of tailored automation today!

Effective Team Management

Intelligently plan tasks, view client information, activity status, workload, issues, assignees, and SLAs with the aid of intuitive real-time dashboards
Real-time dashboard displaying task and client information

Assign, Manage, and Notify Tasks Quickly

AirViewX offers real-time tracking to employees and managers, allowing them to observe the worker’s current state and allocate tasks accordingly. The location and predefined SLAs for the project will be easily communicated to the employee, allowing the field worker to assist them as they see fit. Furthermore, field workers can see a thorough summary of their duties from any location

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