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Field Force Automation

Put your Field Force on Auto & Deliver with Confidence. Design & Replicate your Workflows! Automatically Schedule & Dispatch your best resources based on skills, cost, proximity, and availability.

AirViewX use predefined SLAs to codify best practices, apply them consistently, and improve the quality of service for users.

Keep your employees updated about the changes so they can resolve the issue promptly with AirViewX notification management

Ticket Management System serves as a tracking and monitoring mechanism. It enables users to efficiently create, manage, view, and edit tickets.

Invest in Next-Generation Field Automation to Improve Business

By eliminating the communication gap between your field crew and office personnel, AirViewX Field force automation will improve the overall effectiveness of field service operations. To keep the business's service quality at a high level, its intelligent solution uses SLAs to uphold the company's service caliber. By doing so, you'll be able to do your jobs more quickly, and more effectively, and the level of service your engineers and technicians offer to consumers will rise as a result

Automate Your Field Force With AirViewX

AirViewX automates your field force according to your company preferences. It enables companies to instantly improve their field team productivity and increase sales. AirViewX Field eliminates challenges like expanding its customer base, increasing its sales force, and managing customer expectations by enhancing the overall productivity of the workforce.

Effective Team Management

AirViewX Field Force Automation System makes the worker's jobs easier by allowing them to plan and schedule tasks intelligently. They can use real-time dashboards to easily view activity status, workload, client details and issues, assignees, and SLAs. It enhances the operational efficiency of Field Force Businesses.

Assign, Manage and Notify Tasks Quickly

AirViewX offers real-time tracking to employees and managers, allowing them to observe the worker's current state and allocate tasks accordingly. If one employee is offline, the assignment will be given to the other employee. The location and predefined SLAs for the project will be easily communicated to the employee, allowing the field worker to assist them as they see fit. Furthermore, field workers can see a thorough summary of their duties performed from any location.

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