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AirViewX Helpdesk Analytics and Insights – Brief Overview 

Visualize, Analyze, and Scale in Real-time with Powerful Dashboards 

AirViewX helpdesk system provides powerful, interactive dashboards with unified and actionable insights. It is critical to ensure that dashboards of any ticketing system are powerful enough to give real-time insights, competitive analyses, and metrics information.  

Here’s a brief look at AirViewX helpdesk analytics dashboards: – 



AirViewX helpdesk analytics has powerful dashboards that cover all aspects of support ticket analysis and provides up-to-date and comprehensive analysis for management which covers ticket status, agent performance, in-depth analysis of ticket delays, and issue analysis.

Ticket Status Dashboard 

This dashboard is the main day-to-day management dashboard that provides a complete overview of the ticket status, ticket priority, ticket severity, status distribution, resolved versus unresolved ticket trends, etc.

Delayed Tickets Dashboard

Management is often interested in analyzing delayed tickets to find root causes and prevent ticket delays and avoid discomfort to our customers. This is an important dashboard for analyzing delayed tickets and doing root cause analysis on delayed tickets. It gives delayed tickets by agents and issues while also providing information about delayed ticket distribution. 

Ticket Trend Dashboard 

The ticket trend dashboard is a key management dashboard that provides status KPIs for the last 7 days, along with ticket status trends and delayed tickets by issue. 

Agent Performance Dashboard 

This dashboard can be used to explore the performance of any one or more of the agents of the support system. This can be used to monitor agent performance on a day-to-day basis. The information provided includes ticket status, issues status, and ticket listing by an agent in a given time range. This dashboard can be used by individual agents as well as by management.