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Network Coverage Reporting and Complaint Management

Xcelerate Network Coverage Testing, Optimization, Analytics, and Customer Experience

Xcelerate Network Coverage Testing, Planning, and Sales 

Our dynamic and powerful Unified Digitalization Platform helps mobile network operators to accelerate their expansion through improving their network coverage which promotes sales and growth while cutting costs by a huge margin.   Mobile service providers can use our solutions reporting and complaint management solutions to empower end customers with rapid network coverage testing and real-time reporting for strategic decision-making. Moreover, you can visualize historical trackable data about network issues with an interactive dashboard, and reports for strategic analysis, which enables service providers to guarantee that resources are used efficiently to address customer issues.

Highly Adaptable and Scalable Platform

Reporting and complaint management in our unified solution comes with open APIs and microservices for end-to-end issue identification, service automation, and capability of making informed decision. Our network coverage platform is highly adaptable, scalable and offers powerful interactive analytical dashboards to meet customer needs.  With the aid of AirViewX by their side, networks can automate network data collection, ticket management, issue logging/resolution, network coverage monitoring, resulting in increased visibility, improved efficiency, faster collaboration for higher productivity, and quicker return on investment, as well as cost savings on OPEX.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Coverage Mobile App

Network coverage mobile application helps to automate data collection processes and activities for faster & efficient service delivery and continually improves the customer experience of network coverage and performance.  Our mobile application facilitates service providers by enabling their customers to directly provide all the necessary data for network coverage and further facilitates their customers in issue resolution through tickets.

Enjoy the Powerful Dashboards and Empower Your Team with Next Gen. Solutions

With our web application, a cloud-based digitalization platform for end-to-end data collection, ticket management, and automation of business processes is easier than ever. Which offers quick sales acceleration through business intelligence, and the best decision-making through artificial intelligence. It provides customer details with network measurements, business intelligence dashboards, and reports for supporting decision making, network optimization, faster ticket management, and issue resolution.

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