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AirViewX Powers Telecom Tower Industry – A Case Study


The foundation of great management lies in the effective tracking of all business processes and resources including sites/assets, vendors, deliverables, employees, and field force. AirViewX allows its users to manage hundreds of complicated sites such as telecom tower sites with its powerful unified platform.

“Forget about site management nightmares and empower your team with the tools that help your business to grow. 

About AirViewX 

AirViewX is an enterprise-grade solution for planning, managing, and delivering complex, mission-critical large-scale projects, support ticket management, workforce automation, and business process automation with ease without compromising accuracy, quality, and efficiency.


Our clients can roll out a complex project across thousands of sites using AirViewX while using the power of business process automation, a powerful ticketing support system, checklists, analytics, artificial intelligence and document, and notification management.

Figure : Site Management Process


Note: This case study shows the telecom site deployment journey with AirViewX.


A telecom operator needs to upgrade and deploy thousands of new sites every year. Managing these sites on a day-to-day basis is already a big challenge because most of their current tools don’t allow them to track and manage sites in an integrated way. They lack real-time reporting and integrated management tools and do not have adequate tools to manage vendors and track field force.


Existing Tools

Currently, excel, email, and standalone project management tools are the mainstay of telecom operators.

Consultation Process

Given all the challenges being faced currently, they decide to engage with a leading consultant to provide them with a unified solution for managing sites, vendors, projects, tickets and resources. In the first meeting, the consultant asks about their site deployment/maintenance plans, upcoming projects, and resource management needs.


After getting relevant information from the telecom provider, the consultant gives them a site template designed in AirViewX and asks them to share information on a subset of their sites for which they want to make a plan in a given format. The template shared by the consultant is quickly approved after some changes and discussion. The consultant gets the site information loaded on a few sites and management can now see their sites live on the map.


Figure : Entity template for a telecom site

Figure : Entity dashboard for a fictitious entity in production

Project Planning and Rollout

The consultant then creates a project plan and starts rolling it out on sites. The consultant then engages the management of his telecom client and starts to do resource planning, project rollout, vendor management, checklist design, and workflow design.


Figure : Issue management is a key part of any complex project

Figure : Tracking project status across all the entities across which a project rollout is being implemented.

Figure : Tracking project rollout(Task Statuses) across all sites on map

“At this point, the management of the telecom company can see the full potential of AirViewX solutions, and decides to proceed further.  

Onboarding and Execution

Here are the steps for going live with thousands of sites :-

Create entity templates as per scope. An entity can be a telecom sites, real world building, assets, any real world object or any abstract concept.

Gather entity information on excel/csv format as per template for creation

Create thousands of sites based on the data provided

Start setting relevant information on sites created as per given templates

Create project plan with timeline, resources etc.

After getting approval of the project plan, start adding sites to the project for project rollout at the site level

Start adding resources at task level, and getting started with task execution at site level

Start tracking project progress on sites using tracking dashboard provided at the project level

Start adding issues being faced at task level and track them easily within the project

Manage complex tasks with workflows and checklists

Use checklists for getting detailed reports to meet all the reporting and compliance requirements

Let the field force use mobile app to perform their tasks, log time, and execute checklists

Achieve project success, and optimize project resources and execution with fully integrated project management that extends all the way to field force management,  site management, and progress tracking!

Figure : Project Status Dashboard

Figure : Monitoring Project Execution on Multiple Entities

Figure : Issue analysis and tracking across all the sites

Key Advantages/Benefits of AirViewX

Unified data management for all the sites and assets

Real time monitoring of sites and field force

IoT based tracking of all the fixed and mobile assets

Tracking of all activities including tickets (issues, services), and projects being executed at site level

Digital Closures and Reporting

Effortless compliance with all internal and external reporting requirements and regulations

Realtime and interactive analytics and AI based predictive analysis

Automation of all business processes relevant to management of sites and human resources

Real-time configurable notifications from user/system activity and IoT Sensors


Thousands of telecom sites were upgraded for a major telecom operator. Now they can manage these sites on a day-to-day basis effectively. Their existing tools have been replaced completely by AirViewX Unified Solution. Now they can track sites in real-time, manage vendors, track field force, track issues, and service tickets, and enjoy a streamlined and automated workflow.

AirViewX continues to help the telecom operators to Xcelerate With Innovation and Grow With Confidence