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This image is all about importance of schedule in project management

AirViewX Project Schedule Management: How to Plan, Develop, Maintain & Control?

Schedules are timelines that outline the due dates for all your project milestones and tasks that need to be accomplished.  Scheduling is one of the most crucial components of running a business, this is a critical part of the success of any project, as it ensures that the resources needed to complete the project are available when needed. 

Using AirViewX project management calendars, we can visualize work ahead, assess our teams’ workload, and deliver projects on time. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of Project Schedule Management and why it’s an essential component of any project manager.

Steps That Help to Develop a Schedule in a Project

Project Management has always been fascinating in how things work and how to make things work better. Consequently, a project schedule is a crucial component of the planning phase for any project. The following are the methods commonly used to schedule a project:

Define Activities

Project managers define activities using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and a diagram to establish and initiate the necessary assignments to ensure the project is completed on time. This helps them know which activities must be included in the project plan.

Sequence Activities

Sequence activities help determine the relationships between project activities. The next step involves ordering tasks and identifying dependencies, such as (Finish to Start and Start to Finish) is the next step.

Do Estimates

The project team has defined the activities and tasks in a breakdown structure; the next stage is determining the time required to complete the project. To calculate the schedule, it’s essential to estimate what needs to be done, how to do it, and the critical factor: how long the project should take to finish.

Assign Resources

The final step is to assign resources to complete your planned schedule. This involves determining which resources are required to ensure the timely completion of the assigned tasks. As a project management team, it is essential to have the appropriate resources, and their availability should be factored into the assignment planning.

Essential Project Management Functions

  • Project Planning – Be able to plan projects while considering previous track records easily.
  • Tracking project evolution regarding completion, time and costs – Warn the right people when things are veering off track.
  • Scheduling and Time Management – Easily register time on work items and consider people’s work schedules.
  • Resource management & allocation – Making sure people are working on the right things at the right time.
  • Project budgets, including costs of people – Keeping real-time check of time and allotted budget.
  • Communication and Collaboration – Easily post comments and concerns and communicate with external stakeholders, all while keeping a full historical record of all actions.
  • Documentation & Files – Easily document requirements specs directly or via files.

How can AirViewX Project Management Tools Help You?

Choosing the right project scheduling software is crucial for successful project management. Here are some key features to look for.

Improved team collaboration

The purpose of project management solutions is to improve team collaboration as well as resource management. It is common for people to designate individual tasks within the scope of a larger project the entire team is attempting to complete. A project management tool enables employees to collaborate on projects by discussing tasks, timelines, dependencies, outstanding work, etc.

With AirViewX project management software, you keep everyone in the loop, ensure that everyone knows what to do, and have task lists with priorities at the forefront of your mind. This way, you not only stay aligned with the team but also reduce re-work and create focus on continuous and fast-paced delivery of services.

Risk and issue tracking

Unnoticed risks have the power to completely overthrow a project’s schedule. Project managers must be able to identify, track, and rectify risks as soon as they arise, especially when tight deadlines occur. In addition to the AirViewX unified business platform, all stakeholders can track progress in real-time and escalate them as soon as they become a barrier to project progress.

Dynamic request forms

Nothing slows a project down more than tasks assigned to the wrong team or becoming lost during sharing. Using AI, AirViewX can coordinate tasks and seamlessly integrate them into your teams’ workflows. Every task should be assigned to the correct person, with every stakeholder knowing its progress.

Customizable dashboards and work views

People work better when they can work the way they want to. Depending on your team’s industry, the specific project, or the project scheduling techniques we mentioned above, you may need to utilize different views on your dashboard. AirViewX project scheduling offers customizable dashboards that allow teams to assess workloads, results, and more at a glance in any view that suits them.


Cross-tagging for project scheduling ensures that cross-departmental tasks aren’t lost during the shuffle. Cross-tagging allows teams to view their work in the context of any relevant workflow or parent project. One task can live in the folder of multiple teams, easily accessible from anywhere. This ensures seamless collaboration when planning and scheduling a project, as everything you need to know is right before you.

Choosing the Best Project Management Software for Your Team

Good project management software will help you collaborate effectively and ensure your projects succeed. If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive project management tool, take AirViewX. It comes with everything you’ll need to effectively pull off projects. You can start using it to request a free demo.