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Smart Asset Management

Improve Collaboration & Access to Critical Assets

Easily Plan, Effectively Track, & Conveniently Maintain Your Assets

AirViewX Smart Asset Management assists organizations in successfully managing mobile assets, vehicles, and equipment. By delivering an accurate record of the asset life cycle, from acquisition to disposal, AirViewX enhances optimum collaboration and productivity in the team by providing real-time insights, live tracking, Data Privacy, and maintenance.

Xcelarate Your Tracking Game with AirViewX IoT integrations

AirViewX gives you the power to manage geographically distributed, diverse asset types along with employees and vendors working on them. Users can integrate IoT data with asset to get real-time updates on any sensor data that you may have. AirViewX smart asset management system keeps you on top of tickets & project alerts, or notifications that need your attention.

Standardize Your Procedures & Monitor Your Mobile Workforce Effectively

AirViewX smart asset management helps businesses perform various tasks on assets, create tickets, and monitor progress using real-time dashboards and data. It provides the power of BI dashboards, and artificial intelligence to ensure that you get the best ROI out of your assets. In order for users to rapidly add new tasks based on pre-set templates, it also employs APIs to import and update assets. Moreover, customers can manage risk and forecast it by receiving notifications and alerts. With AirViewX smart asset management, standardize your procedures and monitor your mobile workforce in an effective way.

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