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Tower Management

Managing 100s of complicated sites such as telecom tower sites can be a nightmare if done without a specialized management solution that can keep track of alerts, inventory, projects, tickets, and field force.

Round-the-Clock Supervision

AirViewX supports both shared and independent telecom service providers in terms of helping with routine maintenance, support, and upgrades by offering round-the-clock supervision. Setting up new towers, managing a large number of towers, and ensuring effective tower maintenance are all made simpler by AirviewX.

Improving Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

AirViewX assists you in the maintenance of towers in accordance with legal requirements. It increases operational effectiveness by allowing field and desk teams to collaborate on the development, and maintenance of sites/towers. Moreover, with the help of centralized tracking and Management through an interactive analytical dashboard, it will assist you and your team in quick decisions making which will “Xccelerate” your business growth.

Next Generation Entity/Site Management & Field Force Management Platform

AirviewX assists telecom entities through all life cycle stages, including planning, acquisition, leasing, contracts, implementation of assets, acceptance of changes, access to assets, and disposal. As AirViewX offers a unified platform, you can also Manage, Analyze, Monitor, and Automate your Field Force.

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