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AirView Xcelerate’s Business Process Management and Automation System (BPA) is a powerful system. It can be integrated in any industry for automation of business processes e.g. employee leave process, HR onboarding process, loan approval process and so on.

It empowers the organizations to implement business intelligence tools and perform their day-to-day tasks in orderly fashion. Real-time analytics and graphical representation of information highlight the true capabilities if the system.

Key Features

Business Process modelling

Case Management

Business Process Management & Automation is a robust, intelligent, multi-purpose solution for organizations to achieve their strategic goals, establish measurable processes, optimize task performance, and implement quantifiable metrics to achieve economies of scale. AirVIewX BPM is a highly customizable system that helps organizations to automate their day-to-day tasks and make informed decisions. 

It helps organizations to increase productivity, enhance visibility of its business operations and consequently achieve an incremental improvement in customer satisfaction. Not only does it assist our customers to remove inefficiencies but makes the business vulnerable to internal and external audit.  


Template Driven Custom Workflows built on best practices

Real time execution

Increase Productivity and Visibility - Individuals get a clear understanding of how the process works

Remove Inefficiencies - Identifies and eliminates redundancies and waste

Business Process Optimization - Reduce Process maintenance and operational cost

Provides auditable records and ensures compliance

Process Management & Oversight - Consistent process controls and real-time Intelligent Monitoring across the organization

Collaborate and communicate.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Defining Business Process for Raw Material Request

Raw material request for an organization is represented in a pool with four lanes representing repair shop, warehouse in Bronx, warehouse in Brooklyn, and purchase department 

Process Starts

Repair shop will create raw material request

System will notify the appropriate warehouse as per material request

System will check availability and rules for issuing desired material

If material is not issued, notification is sent to repair shop and purchase department

If the material is issued, then notification is sent to repair shop. Repair shop will then verify the material issued.

Process Ends