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A cloud-based document management system facilitates seamless movement of files between folders, optimizing organization and accessibility

Document Management System Why You Need it and Where to Start

Digital channels are the primary means of communicating with clients in the modern business environment. In the same way, documents aren’t an exception. Companies generally prioritize Document Management System as the top priority in digitization efforts because document processing may slow operations.

Document management systems speed up the production and distribution of documents, both internally and externally, resulting in immediate benefits for business.

On this page, we’ll discuss the following things:

  • What’s a Document Management System?
  • What are the advantages of document management systems?
  • Which documents could we automate? 

Why Document Management Is Important to Small Business Success

While tracking and organizing your documents by using a DMS could seem like a minor thing, however, it will save businesses both time and money for the long haul. Take a deeper review of the reasons document management is crucial:

  • Increased time If the system is not well-organized, creating files could take hours due to increased time allocation.
  • Effectively index contents: The DMS makes it easy to mark and search for documents.
  • Reports can be generated Create reports: This is an important task that you can simplify by managing documents. A DMS will automate this process and let you customize reports.
  • Security enhancement data breaches are a frequent event. But, document management systems ensure security and stop thieves from taking sensitive information.

Reduced redundancy in files: Storing identical data in different locations can result in accidental access to older files or even deleting incorrect versions.

What exactly is a Document Management System?

Document management systems are the process of creating crucial documents, such as invoices and contracts, sales proposals and work orders promptly. An organization can use a document management system to speed up and enhance the efficiency of its daily activities. The process typically involves drawing the specific documents including its own layout, as well as particular data. Every document consists of both dynamic and static data.

Static information

The static data is content that does not change in the template you use from one customer to another customer. For example, you can include your business address and name in the document’s header section.

Dynamic information

Dynamic information is content that alters on the document template, from client to the customer. It is typically your customer’s information, such as their names, accounts numbers or other.


Let’s consider the scenario of a financial institution preparing the contract to lend. Each contract adapts to the specific needs of every client. It’ll use the same template but the information will differ. Manually completing this process is time-consuming and could be subject to human mistakes. Automated, these problems go away.

When you use the correct Document management tool, you will be able to establish a system which allows you to create a document such as a contract, that is required by many customers per day and can be completed in a matter of minutes by anyone who works in business. Every document consists of static data which is unchanging and dynamic content that is updated with each new client.

How Document Management can Benefit You

Save Time

The main benefit of document Management System processes are the amount of time and energy they reduce. Through automatizing this process and streamlining, employees don’t have to spend time trying to find the smallest of details which can be hard to locate. Also, they don’t need time to create and then lay out documents by themselves. Further, there is no more cutting, stapling and ensuring the data is checked.

Eliminate Human Error

Due to the nature of the manual process of creating documents (the cutting, pasting and reviewing) and the fact that it’s not automated, it’s very simple for errors by humans to be introduced. The document management software eliminates this possibility and lets employees accurately transfer information into large numbers of template documents with just the space of a few mouse clicks.

Automated Delivery 

If a document is made, it is usually destined for a recipient, whether a colleague, customer or some other company. Utilizing the correct automated tools, you are able to automate the process of delivering a finished document to the right person or team member for signature as well as at the same time saving the latest version in the company’s document repository.

Keep Document Save

A decentralized, ad-hoc and non-standard method for document distribution is fraught with risks and is the recipe for failure to comply. Moreover, document management software can fix this. The centralized, standardized Document Management system assures that employees deliver the correct documents with relevant information to the appropriate people via the proper channels, thus reducing IT as well as legal risk, enhancing satisfaction for customers, while ensuring legal compliance.

Automatically create document

Automated processes apply to various types of documents. Further, the most frequently used documents organizations create include:

  • Expense sheets
  • Invoices
  • Sales contracts
  • Proposals
  • R&D reports
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Vacation requests

Start the first step with AirViewX

The initial step in your path to a Document management system for your company is selecting the right software. Moreover, this is why AirViewX is a great choice. The system we use for managing documents is designed specifically for businesses such as that of yours. If you’re within an industry where you deal regularly with documents, AirViewX is for you. If the main concern for your sales staff is improving the user experience for customers. Further, AirViewX Document management tool will help speed up your sales and marketing cycles.

AirViewX can allow your company to enjoy include, among others:

  • Accelerate the selling cycle
  • Boost marketing productivity
  • Automate document creation
  • E-Signature and routing Expedite
  • Share documents immediately
  • Increase the benefits of the other tools in your company, like Salesforce.

With AirViewX documents generation services We’ll handle all the work and effort involved in creating essential documents, leaving the task to you to come up with great strategies, closing sales more quickly and enhancing your conformance best practices.