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Driving Efficiency and Productivity- How AirViewX Helpdesk Fuels Organizational Success- A guide  

AirViewX ticket management system uses RPA, BPMN 2.0, and AI

Driving Efficiency and Productivity- How AirViewX Helpdesk Fuels Organizational Success- A guide  

An increase in customer numbers is a sign of a growing company. So, what occurs when you’ve got an increasing number of clients? Countless support issues, hundreds of request emails, and phones ringing non-stop in your customer service department. In the business world, customers’ problems are a fact of life. Your customers will require assistance when they make an important purchase or even change the password for their account.

To overcome these issues and keep them at the forefront, AirViewX ticket management software could be a game changer for your staff. You will be able to easily manage the current load of tickets, scale up your processes, and keep track of the progress of your work at each step.

In this blog post, we will discuss the features of AirViewX Helpdesk systems and how they help organizations to boost productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

How Does AirViewX Ticket Management Software Work? 

AirViewX Ticket Management system simplifies the management of customer inquiries and support requests for organizations by incorporating efficient workflows with the power of RPA, BI, AI, and BPMN 2.0. Its user-intuitive dashboard enables organizations to effectively handle and monitor customer tickets while ensuring prompt responses and streamlined communication.
Many companies are still offering a single type of ticket to address customer concerns. While AirViewX accelerates the indigenous workflows by dividing the ticketing system into two different types to enhance customer experience:

Types of Tickets

Organizations can simplify their complex business processes and address customer concerns with these two efficient ticket types:

Service Tickets

Customers typically create service tickets 

for general queries, service requests, or assistance in any type of situation. They may also request product information, demonstrations, account changes, & guidance regarding particular functions. Many AirViewX Clients can allocate resources by categorizing tickets separately, ensuring customers receive timely responses and assistance.

Issue Tickets

Issue tickets are essential for addressing product or service-related issues. These tickets may involve technical problems, bugs, or service interruptions that require urgent attention. Through the AirViewX dashboard, companies categorize issue tickets accordingly and our RPA system automatically assigns tickets to specific support teams capable of handling complex issues.

This Service Show The Two Type Of Ticket Issue and Service

Infuse Next-Gen Automation to simplify complex processes

AirViewX’s Next-Gen automation platform establishes a streamlined workflow, providing customers with a self-care portal, supervisors with effective ticket management capabilities, and technicians with a dedicated dashboard to fulfill requirements and address customer queries efficiently.

Self-Care Portal

This portal is designed for customers so they can effortlessly create and manage their service or issue tickets.

It keeps them informed about any updates in their ticket progress through real-time notifications. With features like chatbot assistance, live tracking, and easy access to information, the portal not only saves time but also provides convenient access to essential details. The Self-care portal allows customers to use a simple interface to handle the tickets they have and access important details. Now, let’s explore how the AirViewX self-care portal operates.

  • Quick & Easy Sign-up
    To sign up on the portal, service seekers simply provide their first and last names. In just a matter of seconds, a unique username and password will be generated for seamless access to the AirViewX help desk system.
  • Powerful Dashboard

Once authenticated, customers are directed to a comprehensive main dashboard that presents a wide range of features and options. This dashboard offers a high-level overview, allowing customers to directly access different features or gain a holistic view of the entire activity. It serves as a central hub for customers to navigate through various functionalities and effortlessly manage their tasks.

  • Ticket Creation

Customers have the ability to create issue and service tickets effortlessly by selecting the “Create Ticket” option. This option takes them to the dashboard where they can enter essential information, including the nature of the issue, and priority level, and attach relevant files. This streamlined process ensures that customers can quickly and easily initiate ticket creation with all the necessary details in one place.

  • Effective Scheduling

AirViewX offers customers the convenience of scheduling appointments at their preferred time and day. With the help of the powerful scheduling feature, customers can easily communicate their availability and choose a suitable time slot. This ensures a seamless and personalized appointment booking experience that caters to their specific requirements.

  • Chatbot

The AirViewX chatbot is at customers’ disposal to address any service-related queries they may have. Additionally, customers have the convenience of real-time collaboration with a technician. This allows them to follow up on their requests, as well as make changes such as rescheduling or canceling appointments, ensuring seamless communication and efficient management of their service experience.


This Picture show that can can chat with the chat bots in our Ticket Management Software
  • Live Tracking

The self-dashboard allows customers to view the technician’s location on a map to determine the technician’s proximity time. They also receive notifications when a technician is on the way. Clients have the option to reject the service or reschedule it according to their requirements. 

Supervisor Main Dashboard

The main dashboard of the supervisor is a centralized hub that offers comprehensive supervision and management capabilities. It encompasses various features, including automatic ticket assignment, which enables supervisors to allocate tickets based on technicians’ experience and workload. The AirViewX Ticket Management System is powered by automation with manual control. Our cutting-edge platform automatically assigns tasks using intelligent algorithms, guaranteeing efficient workflow management. The documentation capability empowers supervisors to generate and store important documents directly within the dashboard. This serves as a centralized repository for crucial documentation, ensuring easy access whenever required. Embrace the future of streamlined task assignments with AirViewX.

Technician Mobile App

The AVX mobile app empowers technicians to efficiently handle tickets on the go. Which leads to enhanced responsiveness and productivity. The Key features of the AirViewX mobile application include:

  • Tickets Management

Technicians can access and modify the status of tickets and even resolve them right from their mobile phones.

  • Real-Time Notifications

This application provides immediate notifications of updated tickets, new tickets, and priority adjustments, making sure the technicians remain up to the latest.

  • Know-Base Access for Technicians

The technician mobile app provides access to a comprehensive knowledge base, enabling technicians to find relevant data and troubleshooting manuals on-site. Additionally, technicians can access digital instructions for each service, assisting them in effectively completing their jobs. This feature equips technicians with the necessary resources and information at their fingertips, empowering them to efficiently handle tasks and deliver high-quality service.

  • Pre/Post Checklist 

It includes Pre and Post checklist to ensure optimal service delivery. These checklists serve as comprehensive guides, ensuring that no crucial steps or details are overlooked during the assigned task. Technicians can conveniently mark off completed items on the checklist, providing a visual representation of their progress and ensuring efficient completion of each task. This feature enhances the technician’s ability to deliver high-quality service and maintain a systematic approach throughout their work.

  • GPS Integration

The mobile app is integrated with GPS technology to allow personnel to pinpoint customer locations quickly and get them to their location quickly.

Harness the Power of RPA, AI, BI, and BPMN with AirViewX’s Unified Automation Powerhouse

AirViewX ticket management system uses RPA, BPMN 2.0, and AI technology to automate routine processes, lowering manual labor requirements and increasing productivity. RPA allows the system to independently select data from numerous sources and carry out predetermined actions. Critical aspects of RPA in our ticket management service include:

  • Automated Data Retrieval

RPA is specifically designed to pull relevant data from various databases, platforms, and other external sources. They eliminate the need for manual data entry.

  • Automated Ticket Creation:

Our automated system can generate tickets using predefined guidelines, obtaining the necessary information from the incoming request or incident.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AirViewX ticket management service Improves customer experience and reduces costs by leveraging the power of AI and BPMN 2.0. Make predictive and informed intelligent decisions.

  • Intelligent Ticket Classification

Utilize AirViewX AI algorithms to categorize and prioritize tickets based on statuses, ensuring faster response times.

  • Smart Ticket Assignment

Leverage AI-based algorithms to assign tickets to the most suitable agents or teams based on their expertise, workload, or availability, ensuring efficient ticket resolution.

  • Predictive Analytics

Utilize AI models to analyze historical ticket data and identify patterns or trends, allowing you to proactively address potential issues and provide better customer support.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and minimize risk. Visualize your data, track KPIs, analyze trends, and create interactive reports to enhance your ticket management process.

  • Data Visualization: Use interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards to visualize ticket-related data, enabling you to quickly understand the current status and performance of your ticket management system.
  • KPI Tracking: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your ticket management process and monitor them in real-time, helping you identify bottlenecks, measure agent performance, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Trend Analysis: Analyze historical ticket data to identify recurring issues, peak periods, or customer satisfaction trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve your ticket management process.

Wrap Up

AirViewX’s ticketing system simplifies problem identification, evaluation, and resolution. It helps organizations improve productivity by intelligently planning and scheduling tasks. Real-time dashboards provide insights into activity status, workload, customer data, and issue tracking. It also streamlines customer inquiries and facilitates efficient management.


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