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Easy Steps for Implementing Ticket Support System From Sign Up To Ticket Creation

Ticket Support System Implementation Made Easy With AirViewX– Just Plug and Play 

Getting an IT Support Management system for your business to empower your IT staff is a decision that should be taken after careful deliberation.  There are many critical features you should look for in an IT support Management system. 

With that being said, it is also very important that the ticketing system should be as easy to use as possible. It means that if a ticketing system requires countless steps to get started, then it may not be the right fit for your business because the whole point of getting such systems is to make the business process easy and simple rather than make it more complicated through a hectic on-boarding process.  

At AirViewX, we ensure that our clients can use our ticketing system through two simple steps – Plug and play.

First Things First – Sign Up for Free Trial 

To implement a ticketing support system for your organization after signing up, first, you will need to create a few issues e.g. password issue, Internet connectivity issue, etc.  You can then create users as per your organizational needs, these users can then create and manage issue/service type tickets. 

Sign Up Process

Here’s how easy it is to sign up for the AirViewX Ticketing Support system: 

  1. Sign up for the free ticket trial (Ticket Management System Trial – AirViewX) by providing relevant information.

2. Wait for approval of the free trial. Once approved, you will receive an email with login credentials. 

Two Steps Implementation of Ticket Management System 

Here are two simple steps for implementing the AirViewX Ticketing Support system for your organization.  

  • Create typical issues that your users report  
  • Create users (agents, end-users) that will access your system to report and resolve tickets 

Login as an end-user, and get started with creating and resolving your support tickets.  

1. Sign in to the AirViewX Ticket Management System as a tenant admin using credentials provided in the email ( 

2. Create Issues relevant to your domain, you will have to create Issue Group, Issue Type, and Issue Categories for Issues. Here, we have created some issues for the IT Support domain. You may create issues as per your organizational needs. 

 Managing End-Users

Once you’ve created issues and dynamic workflows using, you can easily allow end-users to get started.  

Here’s how you’ll do it:  

 To allow users to create and manage tickets, you will need to create roles, and users, along with user workgroup, type, and category. 

Once you have given permissions to end-users, you are all set to create tickets. 

All you have to do is, sign in as a user and start creating tickets based on given issues 

Note: AirViewX has excellent built-in help covering all the features. In case of any confusion please consult help e.g. help with creating tickets, creating issues, etc. is available in the system. 

Dashboard And Analytics

Once you are done creating issues and assigning end-users, it’s time to sit back and relax. AirviewX offers powerful dashboards that show real-time progress and makes tracking and managing tickets a piece of cake while the system takes care of everything itself.  

Our powerful Ticket Management Dashboard shows a comprehensive view of all the tickets. The dashboard allows the flawless management of multiple tickets. The dashboard is fully customizable and helps to save time and effort by allowing a wide range of operations from a single screen 

So, now that you know how easy it is to get on board with the AirViewX ticketing system, it’s time to sign up for our free trial. Sign Up now and see for yourself how our BPMN 2.0 standard solution can help you in automating your business like a pro.  

With AirViewX dynamic business automation, manage all tedious and repetitive tasks of your business environment in just two simple steps