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Empowering Workforce Through Unified Field Force Automation Solution

mpowering Work Force Through Unified Field Force Automation in AirViewx

Empowering Workforce Through Unified Field Force Automation Solution

Management of resources seems like an easy process until you realize the number of steps you need to repeat daily for simple tasks. Imagine manually entering the same data and saving the file over and over again, only to become confused about which file needs to be shared.


Moreover, non-availability of location, work status, and workload will increase the difficulty level that will lead to ineffective task management. As a result, jobs are assigned to the wrong people. This will eventually result in inefficient workflows, and you will begin to lose clients.

Trick is to effectively manage your existing workforce with a field force automation solution, rather than hiring more people.

How Field Force Automation Can Help?

Many industries have a large deskless workforce, deployed across countries and even continents to perform diverse tasks. This poses several challenges, thus to resolve those challenges Field force automation proves immensely helpful.



Because organizing and managing teams aren’t as simple as it appears, employees need enhanced tools to boost productivity and eliminate bottlenecks. Rather than being worried, empower your team with Field Force Automation which is a powerful tool for connecting field personnel with office staff.

What is Field Force Automation? 

Field force automation is a process that increases the overall effectiveness of field service operations by allowing you to connect your field team with office staff. This intelligent solution acts on SLAs to maintain the service quality of the business. Using a field service management system allows you to speed up and improve your tasks and increase the level of service that your engineers and technicians provide to customers. 



AirViewX Field Service Management software provides many features that can assist firms in gaining a better understanding of their overall operations. It will also help to minimize the barriers in different field-related operations by providing unified automated solutions.


Key Features of field force automation solutions include:

SLA Management

Management of Issue and Service tickets 



IoT Integration and Tracking

Notification Management

Mobile Application

Powerful Self-Service Analytics

1. Service Level Agreements (SLA) Management

 Many organization have pre-defined SLA for services they provide. Quality standards are fixed according to the nature of the issue or service being provided. Field workers have to provide the service according to the service level agreements(SLA). This becomes challenging when they don’t have proper access to the written service agreement or workflow.  

Why SLAs Are Important?

Companies use SLAs to codify best practices, apply them consistently, and improve the quality of service. It gives field staff clear guidelines so that they can provide excellent service to the clients.


Field force automation resolves this barrier by enabling SLA functionality for field service. You can create external SLAs with customers or internal SLAs to govern internal expectations. Because it will help you determine the details of deploying your ticketing software. It assists by keeping track of SLAs in a systematic manner, so the field workers don’t have to go through the finding stage they are automatically attached to the ticket so the user and technician can view the agreement and provide the service according to the set standards. It ensures that work is completed in the correct and timely manner. 


2. Management of Issues and Service Tickets 

Airviewx Field Force Automation is in charge of managing the service and issue tickets in a systematic and trackable manner. In the system, there are defined catalogs of service and issue tickets from which users can quickly select their ticket and place it for the solution. After that, the system will forward the ticket to a domain expert. 


The solution allows companies to centralize all of their IT support channels in one place. This enables support teams and agents to keep track of client discussions, requests, and complaints more effectively. Nothing goes unnoticed, and no tickets are left unanswered.

3. Workflows

Field force automation streamlines operations by allowing you to plan, organize, manage, and control data in an effective way. It provides pre-programmed or customized workflows that can give technicians step-by-step instructions and diagnostic tools for certain types of jobs. 

4. Checklist

The checklist will help the users to identify and record all related queries about the service. Users can customize the checklist according to the guidance, so the technician or agent will know what type of services they want. 


5. Asset Management

Most organizations struggle with managing inventory efficiently. Field force management and inventory management tool allows you to thoroughly audit and configure your assets so you can track them in the field. You can search your inventory using interactive web-based tools enabling you to fully visualize your assets.


6. IoT Integration and Tracking

Asset Tracking is used to monitor the location of a particular asset. AirViewX Asset Tracking has an IoT integration that will show you where the asset is in real-time. You can track and manage inventory anywhere in the world with real-time inventory management and GPS tracking. This also improves the supply chain mechanism by removing the threat of privacy invasion.


Benefits of IoT Integration in Field Force Automation

Benefits of IoT Tracking 

Increased operational efficiency 

Increased productivity

Efficient use of resources 

Safety and compliance checks

Automation of maintenance and repair operations 

Easy identification of growth opportunities

7. Notification Management

Automatic notifications that are triggered in response to user activity or system events give your workforce and customers real-time information like service outages, customer updates, site updates, software updates, task assignments or real-world events that may delay an appointment. It will keep your employees updated about the changes so they can resolve the issue promptly.

8. Mobile Application

With the mobile app, task tracking and availability are becoming more accessible. It will assist field personnel in updating their status or retrieving information from any location. Users can get real-time updates on tasks and new leads by using real-time dashboards. Clients can use app to create tickets and receive notifications about their projects. Furthermore, it fosters a strong bond between the customer and the company, resulting in increased customer retention.

The Last Word

Now that you know how automating your field force can improve your business and productivity of your team, what are you waiting for?


AirViewX Field Force Automation System allows the manager to track field employee activity, live location, ticket assignment, work logging, checklist execution, workflow execution, call reporting, etc. It also makes the worker’s job easier by enabling them to plan and schedule tasks intelligently. Both can examine activity status, workload, customer data and issues, and SLAs via real-time dashboards. So, Sign up for a free trial now and watch your business grow just like that.