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Enhancing Customer Service to Drive Revenue Growth: 6 Proven Strategies

Most business owners consider customer service to be an expense center. However, the truth is that providing quick and efficient customer service is vital to maintain your brand’s development. According to proven research, 90% of shoppers will return to the shop after having an excellent customer experience. CX is the key to success, providing excellent customer service will boost sales and customers will recommend your store to others via the power of word-of-mouth and also leave positive reviews. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss seven ways small businesses can offer exceptional customer service and how AirViewX can help.

Why is Delivering Great Customer Service Important?

Customer service should be top of the line, as happy customers are the source of your company’s revenue. Happy customers return to your establishment, buying more items with each purchase, telling friends about your business, and writing reviews online. Although loyal customers comprise 20% of average customers of a brand, they account for 44% of sales.

Additionally, customers’ expectations regarding the quality of your services have evolved over the past couple of years, and certain businesses struggle with staying ahead of the curve. 64 percent of those younger than 40 think that customer service is a secondary concern to the vast majority of companies they shop with, and those in this group will be quick to change their preferences towards other brands they feel can better meet their needs.

The importance of customer service doesn’t stop at customers who email us to complain, but also a great customer service plan nurtures connections throughout the whole customer journey. For example, your customer service program can:

  • Get customers to your site
  • Answers pre-sales questions to help drive sales
  • Make self-service options available for customers to assist themselves
  • Helps customers who have problems post-purchase to prevent unsatisfied customers
  • Sends follow-ups to faithful customers, ensuring reviews and encouraging repeat purchases
  • Collects and shares user feedback with the team to constantly improve the product as well as customer experience.

Seven Ways you can Provide Fantastic Customer Service

We provide seven strategies below that will improve the customer’s experience. This information will define how helpdesks such as AirViewX can assist you with implementing these strategies to improve customer service.

Respond to Ticket Requests in the Shortest Time Possible

The slow response time can result in unhappy customers and lost revenue. It is very problematic when customer support departments take longer than 10 minutes to respond. They want quick answers to their inquiries, so getting your response time to tickets in the shortest time possible is essential. We suggest aiming for a response time of less than 2 minutes, with a handling average of less than one hour.
How AirViewX can Help

AirViewX Help Desk provides various options and tools for improving customer service and ticket management efficiency.

Identify Priority Tickets

AirViewX unified platform is used to analyze and prioritize the tickets according to their significance or urgency. It ensures that the agents can quickly recognize urgent problems or high-priority tickets to deal with them swiftly.

Tag and Assign Tickets

Through AirViewX Helpdesk, tickets can be easily assigned to specific team members or agents. This makes it easier to categorize tickets and assign them to the correct resource. When you efficiently assign tickets, you’ll be sure that the appropriate agents deal with them. This results in instant resolution.

Swift Ticket Responses

AirViewX Helpdesk emphasizes the importance of answering customer queries promptly. With the help of real-time notifications and giving agents user-friendly interfaces, it reduces response times by ensuring customers get prompt and effective assistance, which results in higher satisfaction ratings.

Chatbots for Instant Support

AirViewX Helpdesk integrates intelligent chatbot capabilities to provide immediate assistance and automatic answers to the most frequently asked questions. Chatbots will immediately assist, answer questions, and initiate simple troubleshooting procedures. So, customers will be assisted immediately regardless of scheduled support hours.

Effective Scheduling and Workload Optimization

AirViewX has a powerful scheduler bot which allows efficient scheduling and work management. Managers can efficiently assign staff based on the volume of tickets and availability of agents, ensuring that workloads are distributed evenly and employees can remain in contact with each other. This encourages collaboration, decreases delays, and boosts overall effectiveness.

By utilizing AirViewX unified platform, businesses can improve customer support operations and deliver better client resolution and service.

Support Proactive and Self-Service Tools

Proactive customer service means offering customers answers to their most common issues before they contact your brand. This can be accomplished in two different ways:

  • Customer support agents will send a customer support messageĀ 
  • Organizations can provide self-service options such as an FAQ page or a knowledge base answers

Proactive customer service doesn’t take over your existing problem-solving service. Customers are bound to need answers, and you need to be able to offer quick solutions. In addition, reaching out to customers, particularly pre-sales customers — could offer you the chance to give information or offer discounts that customers require to make a purchase.

Self-service tools also provide customers instant responses to the most frequently asked questions without waiting until an agent can answer. This provides a more efficient service for the customer and allows them to concentrate on answering more difficult issues that require real human beings to answer.

The most important thing is equilibrium: A successful customer service plan provides numerous options that allow customers to get the required assistance.

How AirViewX can help

AirViewX is a unified business process automation platform that offers customer service through multiple communication channels. Furthermore, the AirViewX helpdesk provides self-service solutions such as chatbots and knowledge bases, allowing users to get instant answers to frequently asked questions without waiting for a representative. This approach is proactive and provides an easier experience for the customer, so agents will be able to focus on the more difficult questions which require personal attention.

Provide a Customized Customer Experience

Companies that focus on providing personalized experiences strive to understand the people who are their clients and what they require and what they want. The data required to offer a personalized experience comes from any possible interaction the company has with its client, including purchases and ticketing for customer support. Without personalization, customers could believe that the brand does not care about them and that they’re just numbers.

How AirViewX can help

AirViewX provides a customized service by collecting information from various customer interactions, such as purchases and tickets for customer service. It helps companies be aware of their clients and their requirements and expectations. AirViewX guarantees that its customers are loved and appreciated through personalized service and are not considered just numbers.

Respond Promptly to Customer Queries

In today’s busy world, consumers expect prompt and effective services. If you fail to respond to questions from customers within a reasonable time, you’re at risk of losing your company. Based on research conducted by Zendesk, 60 percent of consumers want an answer to a customer support request within one hour.

How AirViewX can help

AirViewX allows you to answer quick inquiries from customers by offering many features like:

  • Real-time notification: You’ll be notified when the client submits a ticket. This means you’ll be able to solve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Prioritization of tickets It is possible to prioritize tickets according to their priority and thus make sure that the most pressing problems are dealt with first.
  • Automated response: You can set up automatic responses to common questions, which allows you to swiftly and efficiently respond to inquiries from customers without the need to manually reply to each inquiry.

Take it to the Next Level

Going that extra mile could impact the overall customer experience. This can mean everything from extending a refund or a discount to writing the customer a note with an apology. If you go that extra mile, you demonstrate to clients that you appreciate their trust and are committed to doing anything to keep customers happy.

How AirViewX can help

AirViewX helps you to take your work further by giving you access to many features like:

  • Feedback from customers: You can collect feedback from customers to pinpoint areas where you could improve your service to customers.
  • Reporting: Reporting can create reports that track your customer service metrics to see your team’s performance and find improvement areas.

Learn and Keep Getting Better

The world of customer care changes constantly, so it’s essential to learn and enhance your customer service abilities continually. This can help you keep up-to-date and give your customers the highest quality service.

How AirViewX can help

AirViewX provides a range of tools to help you develop and enhance your skills in customer service, like webinars, blog articles, and more.


Providing exceptional customer service is crucial for business growth and revenue generation. Businesses can enhance their customer service capabilities by prioritizing customer satisfaction and implementing effective strategies, such as quick response times, proactive and self-service tools, personalized experiences, and prompt query resolution. AirViewX Helpdesk offers valuable solutions, including ticket prioritization, automated responses, chatbot support, scheduling optimization, and data collection, to improve customer support operations. By utilizing AirViewX’s resources and features, businesses can enhance their customer service skills and deliver better client experiences, increasing revenue and customer loyalty.