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Entity Management

Achieve accuracy and control with
our entity management solution

Effortlessly Manage Your Entities/Site with our Unified Solution

AirViewX’s entity management solution is the key to unlock business agility by gaining a competitive edge. It improves service levels with end-to-end network management, real-time insights, and efficient cost control. Collaborative in-platform tools enhance productivity and ensure seamless tracking, making AirViewX the ultimate entity management solution

Take control, manage your sites and projects seamlessly

Take control of your inventory and site management with our cutting-edge automation platform. Seamlessly monitor indoor/outdoor inventory, track site locations with geo-mapping, and streamline work orders with an intelligent dashboard. Make informed decisions with advanced analytics and reporting features. Simplify your business operations by maximizing business efficiency with our unified solution

Real-time status tracking at your fingertips

Keep tabs on new project tasks and ensure success with real-time status updates

Unlock full site visibility with our user-friendly automation platform

Don't miss a thing. Get real-time analytics for your entire site in one place. Effortlessly optimize your business with our automation solution

Interactive & Analytically Driven Customizable Site Management Platform

Maximize productivity by managing people and processes across entities like a pro. Utilize our templates to define each entity, gather data, and gain real-time insights through tracking. Effectively manage costs while monitoring and reporting on heterogeneous environments. Collaborate within the platform to enhance productivity by ensuring information is audited and tracked accurately
Customizable Site Management Platform
An illustration representing efficient processes and cost control.

Analyze, Collaborate, and Optimize for Efficient Processes & Cost Control

Ensure smooth management of the entire lifecycle of network elements. Easily handle projects, tickets, field force, procurement, compliance, inventory, and more. Our solution eases complexity by ensuring compliance, with quick problem identification and remediation