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The Entity/Site Management is collaborative tool that helps promote compliance by bringing all corporate filings together. It involves managing people and processes for each entity. It enables our customers to create and maintain a large number of entities. Entity management can be used in conjunction with other modules in the platform e.g. It can be used with ticket management, project management, notifications, and business process automation. 

Key Features

Entity Definition

Entity Template

Entity Dashboard

Entity Issues

Pre-defined Views

Entity Integration

Entity can be tower site for telecom industry. It can be a restaurant for hoteling industry. It can be a vehicle for fleet management company. Entities are created based on entity templates for a specific industry or module. 

Entity template is a feature that maintains a list of custom templates that our customer uses to segment the entities based on certain configurations. Using this feature our customer is able to categorize the entities based on: industry, sector, entity group, entity type etc. These have a parent child relationship and consequently empower the system to generate intelligent drop-down menus for easy access and better usability for our customer.  


The entity templates enable our customers to save all the information about an entity at one place. Location-based information, contact information, permissions assigned, QR code allocated and any images that may be attached against an entity are saved here. Moreover, the owner is able to manage the status of the entity: Active or Inactive from one click of the button.  

Customer-controlled access levels help to limit the usage of the entity templates by anyone other than who is given the permissions. Moreover, our customer is able to define the owner of the entity as well; it may be any individual, group or entity. 


One place to save details of all entities/sites

Assists in maintaining the active entities/sites

Create, edit and view custom templates for creating and managing entities/sites

Assigned unique entity QR code and number for reference

Add custom configurations as per business requirements