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Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation

Asset management often involves managing thousands of assets, each involving its own inventory, vendors and field force. These assets have to be managed according to certain SLAs to ensure compliance with government regulations and to deliver services as per end user expectations. Telecom companies, utility companies, large corporations, data centers and others often struggle with these challenges.  

The goals of the field force automation is to effectively track field force, scheduling field force for ensuring best service to clients, effective resolution of issues, reducing travelling for field force, improving overall productivity, making it easy for field force to do the necessary reporting and management to follow up and track work done in the field. 

Most companies benefit from field force automation by improving sales, customer satisfaction, better documentation, improving employee engagement and satisfaction. The end result is win-win situation for customers, employees and the organization. 

These challenges can be managed effectively, if you can keep track of your assets and field force through a single platform that lets you deal with asset status along with the following :

Field force Availability

Check-in, Check-out at location

Scheduling of best suited resources

Ticket Management as per SLAs

Effective Implementation of Checklists as per SLAs

Tracking field force on the map