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AirVewX Fleet Management

Next Generation Fleet Automation Platform

Fleet Management

Manage All Your Fleet Operations and Maintenance Through A Unified Platform.

Track your fleet and have a 360° view of your fleet’s operations and stay on top of everything surrounding your fleet.

AirViewX Fleet allows you to effectively manage your suppliers and provide maximum value to your clients by automating the whole process.

Bridge communication gaps with your mobile field force with AirViewX Fleet, ensure maximum productivity of your fleet.

Fleet Management with Next Gen. Process Automation

Fleet management is a complex business as field managers always have to be on top of everything to ensure maximum productivity and smooth fleet operations. At AirViewX, we automate complex processes and workflows to help fleet managers in keeping track of mobile assets (fleets), vendors, clients, fix assets (workshops, sites) worth billions of dollars along with mobile field force (drivers, mechanics).

Powerful Analytics to Keep Your Fleet Running

AirViewX fleet analytics serve as the core behind your fleet management operations. Our solution consolidates data and serves as a centralized source of fleet analytics to help you reduce fleet management time and cost, maximize fleet utilization, and much more. Third-party API integrations (IoT devices, fuel cards, workshops, etc.) allow fleet managers to gain insights that help them make informed decisions for their fleets.

AirViewX Fleet Helping Fleet Managers Overcome Traditional Challenges

AirViewX Fleet is a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge solution that helps fleet managers to overcome typical challenges through a single platform. Our unified template-able solution allows asset management, asset tracking, field force automation, and business process automation according to the unique requirements of your fleet management operations.

Track Anything From Anywhere With AirViewX Fleet Mobile App

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