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AirViewX Helpdesk

AirViewX Helpdesk software is a customer service tool that helps companies to manage their service and support tickets. It provides powerful management and tracking, interactive dashboards with unified and actionable insights.

AirViewX Helpdesk allows users to track and report issues, problems and field-force from any location across the globe.

With its powerful dashboards, AirViewX gives its users actionable insights that ultimately helps them grow.

AirViewX Helpdesk enables you to optimize workflow management so that you and your team can stay organized and productive.

Enhance Customer Service Experience

With AirViewX helpdesk system, you can create and use issue and service tickets, checklists and workflows for effective management of customer issue and service requests. In addition, customers stay up to date with the status of their tickets with the help of real-time notifications. It allows two-way communications between agents and customers through real-time chat.

Issue Ticket Management

Reduce customer response time with the help of the AirViewX Helpdesk system. Customers can create an issue ticket in which they can select an issue from the predefined set of issues and add notes. The issue will then be assigned to the appropriate department and to an agent based on predefined process.

Service Ticket Management

AirViewX helps businesses by letting customers create service tickets around the service ticket catalog of the organization, thus giving more power to the customers, while providing powerful analytics, real-time chat, and notifications.

Self-Service Analytics

AirViewX Helpdesk offers powerful data-driven analytics that helps to scale your business. With the help of insightful analytics, you can easily respond to business challenges and improve processes.

Helpdesk Mobile App

The mobile app provides a very powerful tool to manage your business remotely by giving access to key product features including projects, tickets, documents, notifications, and entities. It gives users full power for managing tickets, tracking ticket notes, uploading files, scheduling task, monitoring workflows, executing checklists, and much more. It allows users to perform checklists and submit automatic reports from the field. The app keeps users updated with real-time notifications.

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