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Inventory Management system (IMS) is a comprehensive solution that manages the inventory levels for our customers. It eliminates the need for paperwork and handles all the requisitions digitally. It supervises the flow of stock items from the producers to warehouses and from there to the assigned end-consumer. It keeps a track of the whole supply chain and handles the complete lifecycle of the item in stock from the time it is received in the warehouse to the time it is issued and delivered to the consumer. Consequently, the system enables the customer to generate reports for a holistic view of all the actions performed on a certain item at a specific period in time.  

Key Features

Item Type

Item Definition

Goods Receive Note

Issue Note

Transfer Note

Return Note

Fiscal Year

Stock Report

Opening/Closing Balance

Stock Adjustment

Warehouse Management

IMS digitalizes the entire supply chain of our customers and enables complete visibility of all the actions performed against a certain item. User-controlled approval of all the requisitions including: issuance of stock item, return of item, transfer of item or the receivable of items is all managed by the customer to eliminate any frauds and misplacement of items. All inventory items can be viewed in one place enhancing visibility. Moreover, these items may be sorted and filtered as per need.  

Identification of items in stock is based on their nature (Item Type) and information (Item definition) along with details of the status of the item: active, sellable, re-order level. All the information is managed from a single platform and without the need to checking the inventory manually. Items are uniquely defined by customized Product SKUs which can be printed as well.

Our customers are able to maintain a history of the lifecycle of the item in stock from the time it is received in the warehouse (after the creation & approval of the goods received note), to the issuance of the item to a certain site or employee (through the approval of the issue note).  

These items may be transferred between users or locations (after approval of the transfer note) and may also be returned to the customer or the vendor (after the approval of the return note). Consequently, our customer is able to maintain the inventory levels in real-time and generate customized templates reports at the end of a specified period of time.


Central platform for inventory management

Manage customized inventory management template

Unique identification of items through Product SKUs

Maintain a history of the Item lifecycle from the time it is purchased

Detailed view of items based on: locations, activity performed, and item ledger

Create Fiscal Periods enabling customized viewing of reports

Generate and view multi-purpose stock reports

Optimize inventory levels through automatic track of items in stock

Download, print and email customized reports for internal and external use