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Network Coverage Reporting and Complaint Management

Network Coverage Reporting and Complaint Management

AirViewX network coverage solution supports mobile service providers to give end users power for a quick network coverage testing with real-time reporting to make informed decisions.

AirViewX network coverage solution provides historical trackable data of network issues with interactive dashboard and reporting for strategic analysis that will enable service providers, to ensure resources are effectively utilized to resolve customers’ problems.

Automated workflows can be designed for various categories of customers and issues based on their account and potential for future growth.

Solution provides information at customer premises with actual network behavior enabling RAN engineers to review data to further optimize the network.

Platform Overview

1). Mobile Application

Mobile application facilitates service providers by enabling their customers to directly provide all the necessary data for network coverage and further facilitates their customers in issue resolution through tickets.

Mobile Application Features:

Perform Speed Test on Download, Upload and Ping

Quick Issue Report

Track Speed Test History

Track Issue Resolution

Collect Mobile Network, Speed Test & Customer Device KPIs

2). Web Application
Web application provides customer details with networks measurements, business intelligence dashboards and reports for supporting decision making, network optimization, faster ticket management and issue resolution.
Web Application Features:

Customer Issue Tickets

Geo Distribution of Customer Tickets

Regional & Market Analytics

Test Coverage Report

On Map Coverage Analysis

Troubleshoot & Optimize Network Performance

Customer feedback analysis with Mobile Network, Speed Test & Customer Device KPIs

Prioritize Customer Tickets

Ticket Status Queues

Approval Management

Basic & Advanced Criteria based Search

Data Export

Download and Install AirViewX Coverage