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Notification Management allows organizations to receive live updates from anywhere within AirView Xcelerate system as well as from outside through API’s and sensors integrated with it. 

The users of the system only need to turn-on the notifications from any module and the rest of the work is done by the system itself. Giving access to notifications ensures that the employees remain updated on any new activity that is carried out in the system.  

Key Features

User-friendly Notification gateway connected to the system modules

Real-time alerts & notifications from within and outside the system

Customized setting of notification manager

Notification Manager is a reliable and tested solution for all our customers’ worries. Already integrated throughout the system, it enables our customers to boost business performance and efficiently deliver projects. It is easy to navigate and use.  

The user-friendly interface allows our customer to easily turn the notifications for a particular module on or off and leave the rest on the system itself. Through intelligent integrations, the system generates live updates for the workforce on the go enabling faster and collaborated work completion. It enables organizations and its employees to list, manage, change configurations, life cycles and all kind of operations with the click of a button.

It is an innovative way to interact within the organization and ensure that the workforce does not miss any important updates. It optimizes not only individual, but team productivity enhancing business gains for the organization as a whole.  


A gateway that enables live system updates

Notifies the workforce about all the activities in real-time

Customization of notification manager as per requirement

Module level notification settings enabled