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AirViewX project management (PM) module consolidates all the details of a project in one place. It helps our customers to plan projects in a measurable, distinct stages while being able to execute the project independently on one or more sites/entities.

Site/asset management often requires managing projects related to construction, and maintenance. PM module assists the users to develop a schedule, assign resources to tasks, assign and track inventory, set targets and track the progress of the project all on single dashboard. Project management key features applies a standard set of practices and techniques that are key to efficient and timely delivery of the projects.

Key Features

Issue management & tracking

Task management

Calculating & tracking

Team collaboration

Milestone forecasting

Planning & Scheduling

Interactive dashboard

AirView Xcelerate’s project management dashboard enables our customers to deliver their projects in a timely fashion and keeps them updated in case any problems arise. It is easy to use and navigate. The dashboard keeps a track of all the parent and child tasks and provides a graphical representation of the data for easier understanding.  

The feature helps our customers to make informed business decisions since all the details are present in a designated place. It helps manage a strict timeline by setting targets of various tasks, and enabling real-time tracking. 

It enables comprehensive reporting for monitoring and administrative purposes. A complete suite of data analysis and dynamic reports are created to give meaningful overview of the project status. Customers can get customized parameters and reports to suit their needs.


User-friendly web dashboard

Complete evaluation of project timeline

Manage customized project templates

Comprehensive reporting for monitoring and administrative purposes

Set project based targets

Efficient management of parent and child tasks

Graphical representation of project related information