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User management sets the basic access rights to the users in the administration interface. This includes management of user accounts admin and user roles, specifying user scenarios and setting password policies. The user scenarios specify in detail the privileges that the user account will have access to in the user interface and is connected a specific role. 

User management is a feature that enables businesses to maintain and manage a list of users and assign permissions. AirView Xcelerate is a comprehensive system with a vast range of modules that the owner user may or may not want to share with all of its stakeholders. Therefore, the feature differentiates the users on the basis of rights granted and roles assigned to each individual user. Our system is a customized and easy-to-use platform that enhances the owner’s hold over the business and its stakeholders.  

Moreover, based on the user roles, the owner is able to configure permissions at multiple levels: 


System Alert

Value based


User date rights

Key Features

Manage Roles

Manage Permissions

Manage Users

Work Groups

Application Security


Access control of multiple user roles

Enhances security of the system

Hierarchy based consolidation of user lists

Permission delegation based on user roles