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  • The foundation of great management lies in the effective tracking of all business processes and resources including sites/assets, vendors, deliverables, employees, and field force. AirViewX allows its users to manage hundreds of complicated sites such as telecom tower sites with its powerful unified platform. “Forget about site management nightmares and empower your team with the tools that help your business to grow.”  About AirViewX AirViewX is an enterprise-grade solution for planning, managing, and delivering complex, mission-critical large-scale projects, support ticket management, workforce automation, and business process automation with ease without compromising accuracy, quality, and efficiency. Our clients can roll out a complex project across

  • Improving your business with a helpdesk system is not possible unless your helpdesk is an all-inclusive tool. AirViewX helpdesk provides an all-in-one solution that helps businesses to manage both service and issue tickets at one platform.

  • Growth is a fundamental goal of any organization, regardless of its business niche. Customer satisfaction leads to business growth. We all know about the importance of customers, and how happy customers can advertise your brand without any organizational expense, as it is known people are most likely to buy a product when they hear it from someone they know. Hence word of mouth is an important aspect in creating a brand image and positioning in consumers' minds.   Now, the question is how to make your customers happy? And the answer is,    “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be

  • Visualize, Analyze, and Scale in Real-time with Powerful Dashboards   AirViewX helpdesk system provides powerful, interactive dashboards with unified and actionable insights. It is critical to ensure that dashboards of any ticketing system are powerful enough to give real-time insights, competitive analyses, and metrics information.   Here’s a brief look at AirViewX helpdesk analytics dashboards: -    Overview AirViewX helpdesk analytics has powerful dashboards that cover all aspects of support ticket analysis and provides up-to-date and comprehensive analysis for management which covers ticket status, agent performance, in-depth analysis of ticket delays, and issue analysis. Ticket Status Dashboard  This dashboard is the main day-to-day management dashboard that provides a complete

  • AirViewX network coverage solution supports mobile service providers to give end users power for a quick network coverage testing with real-time reporting to make informed decisions.

  • Fleet managers are faced with managing mobile and fixed assets worth billions of dollars along with a mobile field force. Fleet managers also have to comply with various regulations concerning vehicle maintenance and working hours of drivers.

  • Tower management companies are responsible for managing large number of towers, setting up new towers, and ensuring efficient maintenance of existing towers.

  • AirViewX gives you the power to manage geographically distributed, diverse asset types along with employees and vendors working on them. You can integrate IoT data with your asset management to get real-time updates on any sensor data that you may have. Our system keeps on top of any tickets, projects, alerts or notifications that needs your attention. AirViewX gives you the power of BI dashboards, and artificial intelligence to ensure that you get the best ROI out of your assets.

  • Asset management often involves managing thousands of assets, each involving its own inventory, vendors and field force. These assets have to be managed according to certain SLAs to ensure compliance with government regulations and to deliver services as per end user expectations. Telecom companies, utility companies, large corporations, data centers and others often struggle with these challenges.

  • Business Process Automation in AirViewX ensures that business processes involved in managing clients, vendors, employees, and assets are never hard coded but instead are defined, managed and tracked through a powerful BPA system.