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Telecom Tower Management

Telecom Tower Management

Tower management companies are responsible for managing large number of towers, setting up new towers, and ensuring efficient maintenance of existing towers. 

Each cellular tower is a significant investment that requires 24/7 oversight, regular maintenance, support, and upgradation. Furthermore, each tower site may be shared by one or more telecom service providers. 

Managing 100s of complicated sites such as telecom tower sites can be a nightmare if done without specialized management solution that can keep track of alerts, inventory, projects, tickets and field force.
Key features of our solution that can help you manage your infrastructure with ease and efficiency are:

Asset Management using entity, and entity templates

Project Management

Ticket Management


Vendor Management

Inventory Management

Business Intelligence

Human Resource Management


Client Management

Document Management


Facilitating Tower Inspection and Maintenance Process

Period Tower inspections and maintenance is supported using :

Maintenance projects and automatically scheduled Tasks

Maintenance checklists available in the system help with ensuring SOP's and facilitate automatic documentation of maintenance history and reporting

Maintenance visits are documented using mobile app that monitors technician location, sign in, sign off, checklists, allows sharing of images as per protocols and SOP's.

Maintenance reports and logs are automatically generated from maintenance visits

Notifications are generated in case of issues

Improving Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance 

Realize an unparalleled level of operational efficiency with full lifecycle project management module integrated with asset management life cycle :

Keep towers in working order and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Quickly make maintenance decisions with the most up-to-date data using dashboards and reports available in the system.

Track project tasks and enable field and office teams to work together on development, maintenance and support tasks for assets being managed in the system

Get real-time updates from all assets and staff being managed in the system

Manage all kinds of assets with flexible entity templates