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The Secret to Improving Field Force Productivity: Finding an Automated Solution

In This Picture we are talking about field force automation. Field Force Automation that boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and maximizes operational performance

The Secret to Improving Field Force Productivity: Finding an Automated Solution

The biggest challenge firms face is the issue of scalability. This problem can be easily solved through the use of a cloud-based system that can be scaled for your growing needs. The cloud-based solution will also provide tools such as email marketing, CRM, and dashboards that include forecasting, analysis, and dashboards for ensuring the success of tasks in the field.

Enhance your marketing strategy with AirViewX Field Force Automation which boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and maximizes operational performance. AirViewX software helps them to manage things such as routing planning, scheduling jobs, and much more. Automated tools have gained popularity among sales teams since the introduction of technology. One example of field force automation software is intended to increase the productivity of field sales representatives.

Features of AirViewX Field Force Automation

  • Streamlining Workflows with the power of BPMN 2.0

Implementing the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0-powered system provides the basis for increasing field force efficiency. It is a graphical notation system for designing and illustrating complex workflows that are widely used in organizations. Utilizing AirViewX BPMN 2.0, businesses can create transparent process diagrams that give complete overviews of the whole workflow, helping to pinpoint obstacles, improve processes and improve efficiency.

  • Save Multiple Workflows

It is easy for field supervisors and managers to develop workflows using a simple business process modeler with an automated solution. Drag-and-drop capabilities simplify the process by allowing users to design and change workflows without requiring an extensive understanding of technology or skills. Due to a workflow’s flexibility, it can be customized to meet the needs of specific teams or projects, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

  • Centralized Data Warehouse for Enhanced Management

Successful management of geographically dispersed team members in the field requires immediate access to vital information. Automated solutions with a built-in database warehouse act as a central database that holds all the relevant data, such as customer information and the status of inventory, work orders, and performance indicators. With this information, management can make smart choices, efficiently allocate resources, and find potential improvement areas. This increased transparency helps simplify operations, eliminating mistakes and ultimately increasing the efficiency of field forces.

  • Uninterrupted Collaboration and Communication
Effective communication and collaboration are vital for the field force team working in different places. This automated system provides the tools for communication that are integrated, like instant messaging, file sharing as well as notifications. This allows teams to remain connected and up-to-date in real time. Streamlined communications facilitate greater coordination, speedier resolution of issues, and more rapid decision-making. This results in increased efficiency and satisfaction of customers.

Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Field Force

Monitoring the efficiency of remote teams is essential to identify areas for improvement and ensure that productivity goals can be met. Automated solutions that are equipped with sophisticated analytics offer real-time insight into the team’s performance. This allows managers to keep track of the key performance indicators, recognize the trends, and then take proactive steps. Utilizing these tools, organizations can maximize the allocation of resources, determine the need for training, and then implement strategies to increase productivity overall

  • Managing All Your Data

With all the data flowing through different areas of your CPG job, do you find a way to connect the data to make it logical? There is a need for a system that can better manage the many routes that distributors use to get their products. What do you know about whether you’re effectively distributing your goods and your selling performance in every store?

If you were using manual systems, you’d need to use multiple sources to get this information. Automated systems help gather the data in one location for easy access anytime.

This is just the beginning of what you could do in automatizing the management of consumer goods distributed across different areas.

  • Supporting Sales Representative in Retail Execution

Salespeople have the responsibility of finding the right stores to stock their products. The automated management software collects additional information that sales reps can use to identify the top stores to consider. By conducting surveys and audits, they’ll determine which retailer best fits. It’s a good example of how large data can be consolidated into useful information when you allow automated platforms to help guide the sales procedure. If you have salespeople who consider that automation will replace their work, you can assure them that this is just a guideline to assist them.

  • Automating Direct Store Delivery and Field Service

The availability of automated information to independent representative helps ensure they can manage their supply and route sales to avoid making mistakes. When you use manually entered systems like this, discovering errors can be quite time-consuming. Losing this time could lead to the sales representatives wasting and losing money.

The same is true for field service, in which automation takes track of planned stock replenishment and the amount due. Accessing this information via mobile devices reduces the cost of phone calls to head offices for inquiries about specific information.

  • Automation for Merchandisers

Retailers who must entice customers are in the middle of your field team. They will require an automation system and control aspects like planograms and the best product placement. Additionally, they require a solution to control digital displays and digital images online at the store.

Automation, in general, will gather information on competitors to be more efficient in their actions to help their products be more successful. Using analytics to determine how competitors operate helps to make more informed decisions to stay in the lead.

  • Automation for Managing Product Returns

Maintaining track of all the returns you receive from your products requires just enough organization. An automated mobile device provides live information about what’s returned and why. Accessing this data will help you simplify your distribution methods to stop the countless returns.

Amid the whole funnel involved in product distribution for consumers being complicated, you shouldn’t be able to re-evaluate what’s happening.


Benefits from Field Force Automation Solution for Field Sales Reps from B2B

Making top-performing field sales teams can take your business’s performance to the next level.

Here are a few principal benefits that come with Field Force Automation Solutions for Field Teams:

  • Better Customer Engagement

Making field sales teams highly productive units could take businesses to the next stage. Automated solutions provided by dependable and secure Salesforce field force automation help companies overcome the challenges that come with it and improve customer interaction with potential customers.

  • Improved Customer Retention

The most significant benefit of this automated solution is the fact that it increases the retention of customers by offering immediate analytics and reports that can help identify potential possibilities for engagement with customers regardless of the moment of the day, or in times of low activity, such as weekends and holiday periods when there is lesser activity surrounding them. It also helps reduce the rate of churn, which is among the major challenges for sales professionals.

  • Align Field Team

In field force automation software, you can eliminate blockages and improve the field force team.

  • Maximize Business Efficiency

This solution allows you to plan your work with a button. It will increase your productivity and minimize manual errors. You can also create multiple routes with different starting times and ends for each task. This helps you maximize your time and reduce your need to travel all over looking for salespeople who have not yet been assigned to a zone.

  • Reducing the Risk of Losing Customers

It will also allow you to anticipate delays to stay clear of them by staying ahead of schedule by scheduling your jobs earlier ahead of time so they do not get late by default. It also lowers your chance of losing clients as they could wait longer than expected to get back to work if they cannot get their order in time before leaving the office later than anticipated.


In a constantly changing business world, it is essential to find an efficient solution. This can be the key to increasing the productivity of field workers. By combining BPMN 2.0 with an easy-to-use business process modeler, workflows are streamlined, making it easier to develop and store several workflows simultaneously. Through drag-and-drop and the integrated data warehouse, coordinating teams with geographical locations can be smooth. Utilizing an automated tool, businesses can streamline operations, improve team communication and collaboration, and easily track performance. Automation is essential in unlocking the full potential of teams in the field and achieving higher performance in today’s highly competitive marketplace.