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Ticket Management System helps your team to head off issues with self-service options. With an intuitive interface built to eliminate the need for end-user training, it is a powerful tool that help shorten our customer’s turnaround time for accurate and complete task fulfillment.  

Ticket Management System serves as a tracking and monitoring mechanism. It allows our customer to create, manage, view and edit tickets that are assigned to the employees on the field against a certain task. These tasks may be categorized on the basis of different scope levels enhancing customization and complete transparency.

Key Features

Manage custom ticket templates

Real time tracking and live updates

Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

Notification Management

Using Checklists with Tickets

Customized ticket status updates

Intelligent ticket filtering

Automated report generation

Document Management

Key Features of AirViewX Ticketing Support Helpdesk System

Ticket Management System allows the user to generate tickets tasks that have to be assigned to personnel on the field. The platform delivers value by handing over complete power to the owner company by enabling them to create customizable tickets for each task (or work order). This allows them to have knowledge of the work burden on each individual and track the whole lifecycle of the assignments, from ticket generation to completion of the task.

Embedded in the system are certain features that provide real time updates of the activities being carried out on the field. It provides full details of a ticket through its data analytics and reporting feature. Moreover, it enhances the efficiency of the system through the issue management tool.  

The customer is able to view and eliminate any issues, there and then, that the employee might have on field, on site and with the hardware. The integrated reporting application in the system provides our customers with multiple ways to view the collective data: Geographical view, Team View, Market View, Scope View etc.  


User controlled scheduling of tasks

Generate, view and download customized reports in multiple formats

Monitor the activities of the employees in real-time

Track the activities against each task

Actively update the status of the Tickets generated

Quick identification and resolution of issues